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PRIMUS natural mineral water comes from ice-age glaciers in the Carpathian Basin, in the heart of Europe.

 As the ice melted, water seeped 452 meters underground to a layer of karst porous rock. There it waited for nearly 18,000 years. It took us a decade of research to locate this unique water source.

 This magnificent water was purified by nature and protected from contact with humans, microbes, even air.  It does, though, contain calcium, magnesium, silica, and other minerals vital to human health, leeched from the surrounding 235-million-year-old karst. Its pH is slightly alkaline, like the human body itself.

 The water needs no treatment.  Nothing to add.  Nothing to remove. We bottle it on site, from bottles made just before use and rinsed only with the mineral water itself.

Our company is specialized for bottling the 17400 years old PRIMUS premium mineral water and processing mineral water based products.

 This high quality, untouched water contains valuable minerals as Ca, Mg, HCO3. Being unique is insured by the silica content which is the pledge of eternal youth, and is bottled as it was saved by the nature, without water treatment. The Primus mineral water is slightly alkaline PH=7,53 tasting natural and neutral.
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    Primus természetes ásványvíz; Primus natural mineral water

    Primus természetes ásványvíz; Primus natural mineral water